The CHAMPS II manual describes the program in detail. This manual offers technical assistance and lessons learned to those who want to develop a version of CHAMPS in their own communities.

  • The manual contains the following chapters:
    Introduction, Staffing, Participants, Outreach and Recruitment, Enrollment, Physical Activity Support Mechanisms, Feedback and Diffusion.
  • Numerous sample forms are also available in the appendices.


CHAMPS II Manual (complete)

Download individual chapters using the links below:

Outreach and Recruitment
Physical Activity Support Mechanims
Feedback and Diffusion
Appendix 1: Motivational Interviewing Principles, Strategies, and Skills
Appendix 2: Initial Contact Letter
Appendix 3: Informational Meeting Agenda/Script
Appendix 4: Medical History Questionnaire
Appendix 5: Medical Release Form 
Appendix 6: Notification Letter to Participant's Physician
Appendix 7: Script and Phone Screen to Schedule: Six-Month Functional Fitness Assessment 
Appendix 8: Medical History Questionnaire: Six-Month Update
Appendix 9: Activity Log 
Appendix 10: Activity Log Tips
Appendix 11: Telephone Follow-up Form
Appendix 12: Sample Newsletter