Community Healthy Activities Model Program For Seniors

CHAMPS (Community Healthy Activities Model Program For Seniors) is a public health model program to promote increased lifetime physical activity levels of seniors. Substantial scientific evidence supports increased physical activity as a promising approach to improve the health and well-being of seniors. Accordingly, CHAMPS promotes and facilitates physically active lifestyles for seniors. It encourages participants to develop physical activity regimens based on their readiness, preferences, health, and abilities. Because of this individually tailored support, it is appropriate for people with a range of health levels on the premise that there is some beneficial type of physical activity for everyone.

CHAMPS is theory-driven and was developed and tested through two scientific research studies (CHAMPS I and II). CHAMPS III is the first application into real-world settings of the research-based program. As a model program, CHAMPS has undergone extensive evaluation to assess its effectiveness in all phases.